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“Jason is the behavioral change expert in Silicon Valley. He’s an amazing problem solver and entrepreneur, but before anything else he’s a scientist. He’s spent years working alongside the leading researchers and clinicians focusing on the components of behavior change and habit formation – and he’s the undisputed expert in taking these principles and applying them to building winning products and companies.”



problem validation

Problem Validation: The Key To A Successful Product

Problem Validation might be the most important thing a product team can…

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Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely Investigation by The Source – The Lies Researcher – Transcript

This document provides a translated transcript of an episode from “The Source,”…

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parrot theory

Parrot Theory

A recurrent criticism of AI, especially of language learning models (LLMs) like…

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introspective intelligence

Introspective Intelligence: Key To Behavior Change

Introspective Intelligence is the capacity to self reflect, accurately deciphering one’s strengths,…

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albert ellis

Commitment Contracts: Their Modern Origin

Commitment Contracts have become popular in the behavior change world. One of…

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goal menu

Goal Menu

A Goal Menu is a rank-ordered list of all the different activities…

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transformative practice

Transformative Practices: The New Habits

Habits Habits are routine behaviors that are performed automatically, requiring little or…

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anti knowledge


Anti-Knowledge is information that makes you dumber. It’s knowledge that gives you…

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habit menu

Habit Menu

Table of Contents If you’re familiar with my work, you probably know…

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hooked model

The Hooked Model

What is the Hooked Model? The Hooked Model was developed by Nir…

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habit agnostic

Habit Agnostic

Habits Are Means, Not Ends. Why do you want to form a…

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routinery product critique

Routinery Product Critique

Routinery is simple and fairly elegant. It is, in short, a trigger…

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fabulous app product critique

Fabulous App Product Critique: Onboarding

Fabulous is a behavior change app that does almost everything wrong. It…

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noom product critique

Noom Product Critique: Onboarding

Noom claims to be based on psychological research, but breaks almost every…

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habit coach

Habit Coaching: A Necessity For High Performers

What is a Habit Coach? A Habit Coach is an expert in…

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irrational labs

Irrational Labs: 3Bs of Behavioral Design

Dan Ariely’s applied behavioral economics firm, Irrational Labs, has become a well…

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behavioral strategist

Behavioral Strategist: The Behavioral Science Role Of The Future

Behavioral Strategy is the process of ensuring that a rigorous understanding of…

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behavioral science advisor

Behavioral Science Advisor

Behavioral science has become a fad in the business world. While behavioral…

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cognitive mirroring

Cognitive Mirroring

Cognitive Mirroring is the process of representing and repeating back to someone…

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pyrrhic intervention

Pyrrhic Interventions: The Problem With Most Behavior Change Programs

Pyrrhic Intervention: an intervention that causes a positive change in one metric,…

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Psychometric candidate assessment tech

Psychometric – Candidate Assessment Tech

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Behavior Change at World Economic Forum

Behavior Change at World Economic Forum

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Hacking Human Nature For Good

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