Jason Hreha

Jason Hreha is one of the world's leading applied behavioral scientists.

He applies the latest scientific research to the most challenging problems that people (and companies) face.

Marketers and product people across Silicon Valley—from companies like Intuit and Google—have used his workbooks to make their campaigns and products more engaging. 500 Startups and the Thiel Fellowship have had him mentor executives. And countless others have drawn practical insights from his daily newsletter, his frequent conference talks, and articles (which have been featured in publications like Big Think, Business Insider, Knowledge@Wharton, and NPR).

Jason studied neuroscience at Stanford University, where he was the lead researcher in the world-renowned Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.

Since working in that lab, he has applied his psychological expertise to two different startups he founded (Dopamine and Kite.io), and to product strategy and development at three successful Silicon Valley technology companies (Rally, Quixey, and Handshake).

In 2016, Walmart recruiting him to build out the company’s behavioral science team. As the founder of the group, he worked with company executives to apply behavioral science findings to the company's most important initiatives.

Now, he’s working on bringing behavioral-science to the recruiting world—so that companies can identify the best talent and hire people who will excel in each role.

If you have a challenge and want to work with someone who can provide actionable, evidence-based behavioral science solutions you've come to the right place.

He also helps organizations create their own behavioral science teams. If that sounds interesting, please check out: behavioralscienceteam.com


Selected Projects



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by Jason Hreha

I write a monthly column for Inc.com on behavioral science, innovation, and business.

Hacking Human Nature for Good

by Jason Hreha, Dan Ariely, and Kristen Berman

A practical guide to using Behavioral Economics for marketing and product design. Written with 3x New York Times Bestselling author, Dan Ariely of Duke University.