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Why listen to me?

I founded the first technology focused behavioral science firm in Silicon Valley, the first Fortune 100 behavioral science team, and helped create the fields known as Behavioral Design and Behavioral Strategy. I was also a researcher in BJ Fogg’s Stanford Behavior Design Lab, and studied neuroscience at Stanford University.

My specialty is using reliable behavioral science research to craft products that not only serve a purpose but become an integral part of people’s lives.

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Behavioral Strategy

Working on something new?

A new product will only be successful if it changes behavior. If you don’t actively create a Behavioral Strategy, you will be much less likely to succeed.

The goal of a Behavioral Strategy is to achieve Behavior Market Fit, ensuring that your offering aligns with the desired behaviors and unique psychology of your target audience. As the creator of this new discipline, I have the expertise and experience to guide you through this crucial process, helping you unlock the full potential of your idea.

This is best done at the beginning of the product creation process, or if your product has already been in the market for some time without much success. 

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Behavioral Science Analysis

Already have a product?

If you have an existing product that is under-performing, I can analyze it from a behavioral science perspective to identify its strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that it effectively drives user engagement and satisfaction.

The purpose of a Behavioral Science Analysis is to:

  • Determine whether there are any elements in the product that are confusing and don’t fit the mental models of the user base. 
  • Determine which elements of the product are providing too much friction for consistent usage. 
  • Determine whether the onboarding experience prepares and rewards new users effectively. 
  • Determine whether the product is built around the correct Key Behaviors, or whether there’s a Behavioral Strategy issue present.   

At the end of a Behavioral Science Analysis, I’ll give you a video and report that outlines all of the issues in the product, along with suggested changes. I’m usually able to uncover at least 1 critical issue in each analysis. 

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Speaking And Training

I give talks on various behavioral science topics at conferences and for company events. For more information, click here.

I also provide training to product leadership teams. For more information and a quote, please send me a message.

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