Keynote Speaking

Want a behavioral science practitioner to talk at your event?

While I’m quite busy building out my new company, I’m sometimes able to speak at events—especially virtual events.

Some Places Jason’s Spoken

Suggested Topics

Make Your Business Habit-Forming

Your business is as good as its ability to change behavior. In today’s competitive environment, you have to make sure that your products and services are created with the brain in mind.

In this presentation, Jason teaches you how to apply the science of habit formation to business problems, and gives you an overview of the most important concepts you need to know.

How You Can Use Personality Science To Revolutionize Your Business

Over the past 100 years, behavioral scientists have developed a highly sophisticated understanding of personality. This knowledge can help you understand who will be a good customer for your business, who will be a good employee for your company, and how you can best influence your current customers to buy more of your products (or use more of your services).

In this presentation, Jason gives you an overview of the science of personality, and how companies like Facebook and Google are using this point of view to create some of most successful products (and businesses) we’ve ever seen.

The Science of Building a Creative Company

It’s possible to make your company more innovative—but you have to follow research-backed principles to do so.

In this presentation, Jason gives you a guided tour of what behavioral scientists know about creativity, and how you can apply this information to make your organization more innovative.