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Persona is The Assistant Company. We provide public companies, startups, non-profits, law firms, VCs, hedge funds, agencies, and medical clinics with elite remote talent. We recruit from well over 100 countries to find the very best people in the world. As of August 2023, we have over 240,000 followers on LinkedIn and are one of […]

Start With Who

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Start With Who: Why You Fail At Personal Change – And What To Do Instead Coming – 2024 Most of the behavioral science research you’ve read is wrong. In fact, the best estimates are that only between 36% and 62% of the published research can be replicated. Since 2013, the behavioral sciences have been in […]

Psychometric – Candidate Assessment Tech

Psychometric candidate assessment tech

Psychometric is a behavioral forecasting tool built for companies. With it, companies can scientifically vet each job applicant to determine whether they are the right fit for the organization and role. Our platform combines rigorous personality and problem-solving assessment with modern web technologies.

My partner (Phil Nelson) and I created a mobile search engine which was acquired by Quixey. We created an elegant user experience in which users would be matched with the most relevant type of result based upon their query. They were either given on-phone deep-link results (think Spotlight on steroids), new app recommendations, or web […]

Behavior Change at World Economic Forum

Behavior Change at World Economic Forum

In 2010 and 2011, BJ Fogg and I created the behavior-change framework that was featured at the World Economic Forum in Davos (2011). This work was done in partnership with Humana, and drove the health & wellness discussions that occurred at the forum. The framework we created, which was based on the Fogg Behavior Model […]


Walmart behavioral science team

I was one of the founders of the first behavioral-science team at a Fortune 50 company — the Walmart Behavioral Science Unit. Our team worked on a variety of initiatives across the business.

Hacking Human Nature For Good

Hacking Human Nature For Good workbooks by Jason Hreha, Kristen Berman, and Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely, Kristen Berman, and I created a series of workbooks that teach the fundamentals of applied behavioral economics. To do this, we boiled down the field of behavioral economics into 6 fundamental principles. We show the reader how to use these principles how to create better marketing programs, products, and so on. These workbooks […]