The dirty truth about habits


A few months ago, I was asked to speak to a class at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The topic? Habit formation.

The instructor wanted me to give the class some valuable applied behavioral science research they could use to be more successful in their careers, so I decided to give them the lowdown (the real dirt) on habits.

I went to work and created what I think is a pretty darn good 15 minute talk. It'll teach you:

  • How long it takes to form a new habit (it's longer than you think)

  • Why habit hacks are a waste of time (and usually cause more harm than good)

  • Why personalization is the most overlooked element in most habit-formation approaches

  • And more...

I also teach the basics of my very own behavior change method, The SPARK Method (catchy eh?).

Most of my talks are never recorded, so they end up being forgotten as soon as they're given. But, luckily for you, I was able to capture this one for YouTube's sake.

You can watch the entire 15-minute talk here:

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I'll be putting a lot more content up there soon. In fact, it's my 2019 resolution to write an article and record a short YouTube video each day 📽 Don't miss out!

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