Zombie Product: What it is and how to avoid it

What is a zombie product and how to avoid it

A Zombie Product is a product that has been built and is being actively supported by a team, but that very few people are using. In other words: it’s a product that’s dead but hasn’t been shut down yet.

If the product is being built and supported by a company with a lot of money, it could be years until it’s finally discontinued.

Zombie Products are products that do not have Behavior Market Fit. This means that the product teams never researched and created a Behavioral Strategy, which would have ensured that they built the product around an activity or behavior that the target market or user group would find useful, exciting, enjoyable, and doable.

While some Zombie Products can be saved with a comprehensive redesign, they usually need to be shut down and re-built from scratch, after an appropriate Behavioral Strategy has been developed.