The Habit Blueprint

A personalized report that will give you an in-depth understanding of your personality, and provide you with specific recommendations for whatever habit or goal you have as your top priority right now.
In the report, you’ll learn:

  • How you compare to others across every personality trait
  • Where your personality is weak and where it’s strong
  • The aspects of your personality that are likely going to bring you trouble… and strategies you can use to minimize the damage
  • The three key things you need to do in order to use your personality to accomplish one of your current goals
  • General principles you should follow, no matter what goal you have in mind, to have a better chance of succeeding

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A 14 page “Habit Blueprint” report (PDF), which contains:
    • Your test results across the five primary personality traits
    • Your test results for the sub-components of each of the personality traits
    • A habit pledge (which you will sign and send to me, so I can keep you accountable)
    • The “three things you need to do” to get what you want right now, based on your personality
    • “Five general principles” you need to abide by to be as successful as possible (based on your personality) with your goals

These reports actually take a bit of time for me to create, which is why the price is as high as it is.




“All of the recommendations really resonated with me and I could see tendencies and behaviors playing out how you described them… The material after the three action items felt like an excellent bonus. Like I got more than I paid for.”
“Jason’s assessment was super helpful for me currently because I wasn’t aware of how much my agreeableness affects my ability to get the stuff I want to do most done. It helped me realize that I have to make a priority on certain things and make them sacred due to my tendency to let them slide to take care of other, more menial tasks.”
“Fantastic tool and very tailored to what will work with one’s personality. As a coach, I can see using this with my clients to increase their likelihood to build and maintain habits! Look forward to using it in my practice.”