Monthly Coaching

Monthly Coaching



I only coach 2-3 people at a time, and currently have 1 spot available.

What do I coach on?

I coach companies & individuals on anything related to applied behavioral science.

Product Design

My specialty, however, is applied behavioral science applied to product design.

If you have a company and aren't getting the engagement, retention, and user/customer behavior you want, I can help.

Personal Coaching

If you want to apply behavioral science to your life, I can help, too. 

However, I will be very honest with you about my experience in that area and whether or not I think I'll be able to help you. My experience in the business realm is *much greater* than my experience in the self-help realm (though the science and the principles are the same).

I'm more used to doing projects impacting 1 million people than 1 single person. 

How I work

  • We will have an initial 2-3 hour deep-dive conversation where I will learn everything about your company (or you) and the problem you're up against.
  • I will then devise a strategy and some initial activities for us to do together to tackle the plan. 
  • We will discuss the strategy and revise it as needed.
  • Then, we will have a weekly 1-2 hour check-in where we recap the work done, figure out next steps, and correct as needed.
  • I am, of course, available in the evenings to help you troubleshoot whatever problems you're having in-between our weekly check-ins/strategy sessions.
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